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GRNET provides Internet connectivity, high-quality e-Infrastructures and advanced services to the Greek Educational, Academic & Research community. The GRNET backbone interconnects more than 100 institutions, including all universities and many technical and research institutes, as well as the public Greek School Network with speeds up to 10Gbps, through its high-speed, high-capacity infrastructure of long-term leased fiber that spans across the entire country. The GRNET network is present in global networking for research and education, representing Greece in the Pan-European network GÉANT with 40 million potential users, and it is an active member of all related international organizations.

GRNET offers pioneering computing services to its members, academic institutes and researchers, and it is a key supercomputing player in South East Europe, developing a large (>100TFlops) HPC facility for researchers, in the context of the PRACE pan European research infrastructure. GRNET also offers VPS services to its members, universities and research centers, file storage services to organizations and end-users and advanced grid services to the scientific community, through its modern datacenters.

GRNET coordinates a series of initiatives aimed at creating e-infrastructures and services that can facilitate organizing, describing and promoting digital content. These actions contribute to the vision of creating a virtual horizontal infrastructure of digital repositories, which is available from universities, research centers, museums, libraries and other institutions and facilitates the preservation, sharing and exploitation of digital content by businesses and the society.

GRNET operates under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education - General Secretariat for Research and Technology.