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Near Earth Space Data Infrastructure for e-Science

The aim of ESPAS platform is to facilitate the access to data from the near-Earth space environment. ESPAS envisages creating a one-stop shop for researchers and users of research results who wish to exploit multi-instrument multi-point science data for analysis, model building, data assimilation into models, model-observation comparison, space environment nowcast and forecast, to name just a few. Through a well designed set of networking and service activities ESPAS aims at bringing together disparate but interrelated communities on Space Weather, Space Climate, Space Physics, Geophysics, Space Communications, Satellite Operations, Navigation and Surveillance and Aviation Security. Through this exhibition the ESPAS group will give a live demonstration of the current version of the GUI, to allow ICRI2014 participants to get a clearer view of what this RIs is doing and how, and to discuss ideas and collaborations based on more hands-on material, showcases and proposals.